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The Commentators section of the Economics Roundtable compiles links to news and opinions from a wide range of web sites.  The intent is to select items related to economics.  Sites are selected on the basis of how difficult it is to separate the economics content from the political, personal, etc. content.  No effort has been made to screen sites on the basis of any agreement or disagreement with the content.

A Note for Prospective and Current Commentators

The Economics Roundtable is not a forum for news about your cat/dog/hamster, details of last night’s date/dinner/dancing, opinions about politicians/wars, weather reports, movie reviews, or your blog’s need for donations.  The editorial policy aims to feature only economics.

Blogging software generally includes the ability to tag each entry with a “category” or “subject”.  For some blogs, the Roundtable just lists 100% of the entries, tolerating the occasional off-topic post.  For other blogs, the Roundtable picks up specific categories (e.g, “economics") or excludes specific categories (e.g., “politics").  If your blog is not a very high percentage “economics,” then using meaningful categories/subjects may still make it possible to get listed on the Roundtable.

Posted by bp on Sunday, April 08, 2007.