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July 23, 2014, 3:43 pm, 1304042

One aspect of the TPP negotiations that I have not followed closely is rules for state owned enterprises. I'll take a look at it all eventually, but I've been waiting for more leaks and commentary, to explain the different views.

In the meantime, though, I wonder if such rules could apply ...

July 23, 2014, 3:43 pm, 1304041

Poland is going to to challenge the EU ban on menthol cigarettes under EU law:

Poland will appeal to Europe's top court over a European Union ban on flavoured tobacco products, saying it will be unfairly affected as one of the region's biggest consumers and producers of menthol cigarettes.

The ...

July 23, 2014, 3:43 pm, 1304040

From a draft letter($) being circulated by a U.S. Congressman:

Dear Secretary Kerry and Ambassador Froman,

We are writing to express our serious concern regarding the growing assault on religious freedom in the European Union and many of its member states.

Eight out of twenty-eight EU member states prohibit homeschooling. This ...

July 23, 2014, 3:43 pm, 1304039

From an interview in the New Republic:

DV: Another thing you talked about in the FT op-ed was the Trans Pacific Partnership, the trade deal. One component of the deal is to bring down tariffs between all countries involved, but tariffs are already very low between these countries, particularly ...

July 18, 2014, 7:43 pm, 1303382

Well, I am not talking about two lovers, but the currently pending negotiation on the “Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).” The United States and the European Union, representing the world’s most advanced (and perhaps most open) economies, still cannot get a trade deal done between themselves. As we may ...

July 18, 2014, 9:43 am, 1303047

We talked about the "prudential exception" here, here, and here. I have a short law journal article coming out on this soon, where I basically argue that the exception is badly worded, nevertheless probably works as an exception, but could and should be redrafted ...

July 16, 2014, 5:43 pm, 1302090

This is related to Simon’s earlier post.

Matthew Dalton from Wall Street Journal raised an interesting hypothesis regarding the controversial investor-state dispute settlement mechanism under the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). What if decisions of an investment tribunal and a domestic court on the same subject-matter diverge or ...

July 16, 2014, 1:43 pm, 1301930

From the European Commission:

EU trade officials will today start analysing responses to a public consultation on investment protection and ISDS in TTIP, a new EU-US trade deal currently being negotiated. The survey closed yesterday, almost four months after its launch in March.

European citizens and interest groups replied in ...

July 15, 2014, 11:43 am, 1301255

I'm always on the lookout for good controversies on discrimination outside the WTO context, just to see how others do it. From the Economist, here's a potential case:

BAVARIANS have long been cranky about having to pay road tolls every time they drive through Austria, say, whereas foreigners pay ...

July 15, 2014, 9:43 am, 1301149

Edited by Debra Steger, former Director of the Appellate Body Secretariat and now a law professor:

With a membership of 160 countries, the World Trade Organization (WTO) is the international organization with responsibility for the global rules of trade between nations. Its stated principal function is to ensure that trade flows ...