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Jottings by an Employer’s Lawyer

September 12, 2017, 1:16 pm, 1772930
One of the humbling aspects of keeping an online journal for any period of time, particularly when you are so unwise as to make predictions is that there exists documented proof of your own errors.

I have said (actually I think on more than one occasion), that I thought ...

September 12, 2017, 1:16 pm, 1772931
All too often, I have seen the annual performance evaluation show up in a trial as a Plaintiff's exhibit, rather than what you would think should be true, that it ought to be the best evidence for the employer, particularly if the subject of the lawsuit is a dismissal for ...

September 12, 2017, 1:16 pm, 1772932
If on my 18th birthday, I had been given the following list of what I thought I would be doing on my 65th birthday, I am not sure what my answer would have been:
Broadcasting yet another game as the voice of the Houston Astros;
Preparing for another year of ...

September 12, 2017, 1:16 pm, 1772933
I was shocked this morning on one of the business news summaries I get to see a report that 150 Americans die from hazardous working conditions each day. To me that was a shocking figure.

The source for the article is apparently the 2015 edition of Death ...

September 12, 2017, 1:16 pm, 1772929
One of the venerable sources of information for labor and employment lawyer's has been BNA's Daily Labor Report. I can't remember when I first started reading it regularly, but it has been a long time. Now it comes neatly to my in box, but back in the old days the ...

September 12, 2017, 1:16 pm, 1772928

I can’t honestly say what I anticipated 40 years ago today when I came to Austin to be sworn in as a member of the Texas state bar. But it is unlikely that I could have anticipated all the twists and turns, both professionally and personally, that have occurred since ...

September 12, 2017, 1:16 pm, 1772925
More than one year has passed since my last post, and the two or three years before were little more productive. Still for some reason, hopefully more noble than ego, I have chosen not to kill off this spot on the internet.

September 12, 2017, 1:16 pm, 1772926
A basic tenet of American employment law is that employment is at will, meaning that the employer can set the conditions of employment as long as it is not otherwise illegal.

A Georgia businessman who provides aviation insurance has a new one: all employees must carry weapons.  Local station ...

September 12, 2017, 1:16 pm, 1772927
As Justice Scalia''s body lies in state in the Great Hall of the Supreme Court this morning, my eye was caught by the first headline in today's Employment Law 360.

The headline and lead:

5th Circ. Starts Clock For ...

September 12, 2017, 1:16 pm, 1772924
In this morning's mail box ...

BCG Attorney Search noticed ...