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"A random walk through the markets and the ecomomy”

September 12, 2017, 1:16 pm, 1772821
Well, there's no denying that the third quarter GDP advance was pretty impressive, with growth coming in at an annualized 3.9% rate. I don't want to put a bearish spin on the numbers, so let's start with the positives:

1. Consumer spending: The 3% annual growth rate is ...

September 12, 2017, 1:16 pm, 1772822
Forgive me, for I'm about to rant. But I, Internet junkie that I am, can't help it.

I'll be blunt. Why do bloggers and MSM publications keep talking to and giving space to people who spout total nonsense? I don't mean opinion blowhards, although god knows there are way ...

September 12, 2017, 1:16 pm, 1772823
So argues Willem Buiter, a well-known monetary economist, in his FT blog. Why? The answer is that people usually live in their own house, hence:

As long as your endowment is positive, your wealth obviously increases when the house price increases. However, an increase in house prices means ...

September 12, 2017, 1:16 pm, 1772824
Attributing every single rise in the price of oil to some minor Middle East-related event has become one of the most tiresome parlor games in financial journalism. What's driving the jump in oil prices is supply and demand. Jim Hamilton of Econbrowser explains this eloquently.

September 12, 2017, 1:16 pm, 1772820
Stephen Colbert would be pleased by the pain the employment figures have been inflicting on bears. The October figures were impressive, posting a 166,000 gain in payrolls, nearly twice the level that economists were expecting.

I should stop here, but my inner grizzly won't let me. ...

September 12, 2017, 1:16 pm, 1772819
That's the firm's market capitalization as implied by its price in the Shanghai bourse following its IPO there (see here). But the price of its NYSE-quoted ADR's gives a market cap of "only" 398 billion.

This, of course, is the result of capital controls in China, ...

September 12, 2017, 1:16 pm, 1772816
Blogging is an on-and-off kind of thing for me. As much as I enjoy it, a demanding job and an equally demanding family life leaves little energy for this. So, no promises, specially to myself, but here goes nothing once again.

Where did I leave off? Funny thing, my ...

September 12, 2017, 1:16 pm, 1772817
Apparently, one notch below a middle-tier, but prestigious, investment bank (see here).

Not good news given the real potential (albeit small) for a worldwide financial meltdown.

September 12, 2017, 1:16 pm, 1772818
It's certainly understandable that in a time of $100 a barrel oil many laud the promise of biofuels. Yet, Ricardo Hausmann, an economist at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government is guilty of overstating the case for them. For instance, he boldly claims the following:

Peering into the future ...

September 12, 2017, 1:16 pm, 1772815
From the folks over at the World Socialist Web Site (published, if you were wondering, by International Committee of the Fourth International):

While those promoting “free trade” speak for the bankers, financiers and more globally competitive sections of capital, there is a definite constituency for protectionism among less ...